Frequently Asked Questions

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MunXe is an on-campus food ordering and delivery service platform for college students and faculty. We aim to bring food into the busy lives of college students living life. 
As of now, MunXe is only available at Gallaudet University but we are looking to expand our services to campuses nationwide.
We value our customers and if you are not 100% satisfied, please contact for a refund with valid proof. We will then evaluate your complaint and determine if it calls for a refund. It will take approximately 3-5 business days for any refund to hit your account. We do not control this and it’s dependent on your financial institution.


You have 120 seconds to cancel after making an order.
If your courier is unable to deliver your order at all, please contact us at and a refund will be issued if we fail to deliver your order.
We offer the possibility of customizing your order from the full menu on most orders but please ensure that your order is what you want before you submit it.  *We are not liable for any failure to accommodate to your needs by the meal providers*
Contact with your order confirmation number and complaint if you experience any problems.
Once you submit your order, your courier will pick it up and deliver to you at your chosen delivery address.
You can request an update or contact your courier directly by My Current Order > Contact Courier and contact your courier via text.
Typically your order is final. However, if your courier has not yet picked up your food, contact your courier in the app at My Current Order > Order Change and your courier will do their best to accommodate the new address. If your courier has already picked up your food, then your delivery address is final. Tipping is highly encouraged for any change of address or adjustment to your order.*
On behalf of MunXe, we apologize that the crave is not delivered on time. You can request an update by contacting your courier via text.


The fee of $4 delivery fee covers the cost to bring you your order.
You can tip your courier with either payment options: through cash, or by using our app to add a tip to the total cost after the order is delivered/confirmed.


We started this business with a goal to increase employment opportunities for all college students nationwide. We highly value all student employees and believe in working around your schedule because we understand how time-consuming being a college student can be. When you work for us, you’ll have access to flexible scheduling, commission-based pay (meaning that the more you work the more you get paid!), and other benefits! Apply to see if you will be a good fit for us! APPLY HERE


Still have a problem that you’d like solved? Contact us at